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The Growth Zone

Mar 9, 2022

The world has changed due to the pandemic and other terrible events. Nevertheless, people are demanding a different kind of political and business leadership.

They expect leaders and organisations to act in a responsible way. Wasting our natural resources with only create more pain and drama for society. Society has also realized that it is no longer willing to accept multiple kinds of discrimination and destruction.

Let me provide you with some really useful examples on how to create products that are sustainable and easier to market in the near future.

Getting marketing to be ESG compliant is not that easy. Popular misconceptions about sustainability and ESG often take people down the wrong route.

A sustainable business model needs a different market entry and sustainability approach. This leads to marketing strategies being transformed into sustainable marketing strategies.

ESG is more than just Environmental, Social and corporate Governance. It is about a mission for every organisation to be less wasteful and enable a circular economy. There are ways to make billions of dollars of profits while doing good. It is all about knowing the why, the how, the when and to where.

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