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The Growth Zone

Mar 16, 2022

If you think your buyers are stupid then you are disrespectful of your audience. It does not matter if you are trying to push a product or a political statement. There will be doubt in listeners ears as the subconscious can spot dishonest intentions.

We seldom hear of greenwashing in today’s media. It is not really very interesting to them as it does not generate a lot of views or listeners. Nevertheless, people are being educated on real sustainable products and products that have simply been manipulated to appear environmentally friendly.

As a matter of fact, many politicians do not really care about your health, safety or livelihood. They only care about their own pockets and status. Hence, you need to educate yourself.

Looking at the growing trend towards greener products and adoption of the ESG framework, companies can generate substantial profits while being committed to environmentally and socially responsible business models.

Business leaders who really want to be successful in the next decade will have to change their way of doing business. Looking at this, we as buyers, sellers, and marketeers must change our fundamental mindsets.

Only then we can access the richness of being ESG compliant. Let us discuss the advantage of sustainable products and how our marketing approach needs to be realigned for a better corporate governance. 

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