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The Growth Zone

May 8, 2020

Topic: how to generate revenue from saturated clients

We will be looking into ways how you can generate additional revenue from your existing client base even if you think they are already saturated and do not need anything else from you:

  • Getting in contact with clients to find out how happy they are and what is currently bothering them in a similar area
  • Identifying business opportunities by expanding your service or product range to solve more problems for your clients
  • Turning clients into happy promoters who introduce you to other quality buyers

As businesses often believe their ability to provide a certain service or product is limited by their experience, they leave a lot of potential sales untouched. In order to expand the size of your clients purchase basket, you need to listen carefully to what clients are telling you. Often their subconscious is letting them tell you about areas they feel unhappy. These areas are not your product.

It is something close by that is causing them pain. By taking the time to expand their trust in your abilities to help them, you grow your account with them. They trusted you before and will hopefully trust you in the future.  Just because the pain comes from a product you never sold or touched before; it does not automatically disqualify you, as the person who will solve the problem for your client.

Take the time to research and understand the problem, so that you can solve it in a much smarter way.

You will be astonished to find out how much more business will come along your path as your client tells others about your outstanding ability to improve their business. You might have to invest a few hours with that client.

Maybe you even drive 100 miles to that client or jump into your plane and fly those 500 miles to your client. Yes, that costs time and fuel, but it could become a 10X sized business opportunity that generates a massive revenue every year instead of just 1 sale every 10 years.


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