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The Growth Zone

Dec 17, 2019

In the world of online media and advertising there is a massive fog covering the path to success. The number of factors that influence the reach, conversion, attention span, amount of achievable appointments and client retention are growing.

So many different approaches are used to reach an audience that will warm up and finally make a purchase. For marketers it is a race to stay up to date and to handle new changes.

Sales funnels come in all sorts of forms and colours. They consist of landing pages, lead magnets, scheduling systems, social media and search ads, banners, copy writing, optins, emails, chatbots and so on.

Even the ads can contain images, videos, text, links and slides. They might be set for engagement, conversion or other key goals. Lets take some time to rethink what is really important and how it fits into our own marketing plans.


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