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The Growth Zone

Apr 24, 2020

We will be talking about:

  • Why is product packaging so important?
  • How do brands like Kerrygold anchor images in our minds?
  • Look at what Ireland has to offer for tourists.
  • What do we learn from the greater brand of Irish culture that makes Irish brands so unique?


So why is product packaging so important for companies around the world? Please close your eyes now. Think of packaging of products you tend to have some emotional connection when you take them off the shelves?


Many products come to my mind now: Walkers Shortbread. Picture that red box with tartan patterns. Or the magnum ice-cream boxes. What about M&Ms? Isn’t funny who you think of M&Ms and got those funny adds where the M&M characters try to go shopping! Same game with Toblerone? You see the pyramid style box. You are already imagining the chocolate melting in your mouth.

How about butter? What is your favorite brand? When it comes to butter, I am a big fan of Kerrygold. I am not Irish. Do you know which problem Kerrygold solves for me? When I buy butter in some countries it is so hard when I take it out of the fridge. German butter is often still very hard and by the time I want to spread it on my toast or French baguette I have a big hole in the bread.


So, you notice that the way a products packaging is designed has an important effect on brand insistence and retail price. The Kerry gold butter often goes for 20 to 50 cents more over the counter in German supermarkets. Even competitors such as Greenfields benefits from Kerrygold’s and Irelands strong branding. Their products also fetch a higher retail price that the most well-known German brands.


The river eventually changed into a dark could comparable to Guinness beer. You could imagine navigating your motorboat on a river filled with beer. Yes, even the brand Guinness is using images, packaging and other elements to differentiate themselves from other international brands.


If you are Irish, of Irish descent or living in Ireland please comment or like this episode.


While I am recording this show I mention all these brands. For each brand I get very different images hopping into my mind. The ads with the guys trying to rescue the 4X beer out of the river. The Guinness bird with the beer glass on his beak. The metal logo of London Pride on the bar tab. Brands need to draw pictures and be present so that our memory has a chance to increase our level of affection.

Exactly! Affection. In order to be brand insisting buyers we need to have some kind of affection for their brand. It is not just that we must like the taste of their beverages or butter. We need to become passionate that even when something comes to our mind that is closely related their brand pops up from out of the darkness. Boom. We begin to think how nice the product tastes or how wonderful our lives have become after we switched over to their products.


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