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The Growth Zone

Apr 20, 2020

In this episode Christian Bartsch speaks with Susan Meier about good branding strategies and what it takes to upscale one’s brand visibility.

Susan is a brand strategist and visual artist that can help you grow your businesses by tapping into your creativity, as well as explain the myths about creativity that hold us back.

We are going to be talking about:

What makes a good branding strategy?

How can the creative part of branding stay on track?

What are Susan’s tips to scaling one’s brand visibility?

Branding is so important for companies, business leaders and for most entrepreneurs. This is something very much neglected by business owners as they limit their potential by working in the business instead of on the growth of their business.

Branding does not need billions of dollars or a team of 100 creative people. It is all about the right focus, strategy and purpose. Delivering value and having a purpose lets your audience know what you are actually all about. What motivates and drives you forward against all odds.


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