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The Growth Zone

Dec 25, 2020

Speaking with Ira S Wolfe on this topic: How will technology companies recruit and organize themselves as they relocate in 2021

Topic introduction:

2020 has significantly impacted many businesses around the world. The most innovative and impactful organisations are adapting their employment strategies. Organizational development is driving a "work from a cheaper home town" policy while offices are being relocated to other states or closed entirely. 2021 will be the year of the virtual company (Virtual office)?

Sitting at the Log-fire Questions:

1) How has 2020 impacted the way tech companies are hiring talent?

2) What can a business do to regain a competitive advantage in the new context of 2021?

3) If I was starting a new tech company needing to hire 1000 people ... what do i need in 2021?

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