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The Growth Zone

May 19, 2020

How to get your costs down while your business has been decentralized

1) Why do we need to decentralize our business by cutting organisations into smaller dispersed teams!

2) How you unclutter your company's IT and processes to cut cost and speed up your teams.

3) Looking at how future team structures reduce economic and health risks while increasing profitability.



[00:00:01] So why do we need to decentralise our business by cutting organizations into smaller, dispersed teams? So we are we end that at the moment, all the stuff that's going around, all these health issues, risks and all these things and actually demanding from us to have a certain kind of social distancing.

[00:00:25] Just think of it. How will be their effect on businesses, on commercial real estate, on anything that requires people usually to sit close by, even in meetings or anything else than we used to of sitting close to each other, even in schools, and that where schools usually kids sitting next to each other. You know who you're sharing a table with and so on.

But now in the work environment, things are going to change massively. And it's not just that many people are going to work from home. Many people will lose their jobs by those who keep their jobs or are self-employed. We'll have to think, OK, how can I manage my team?

How can I manage my premises, my business, so that I reduce the risk of having team members, employees and so on getting sick?

[00:01:18] And the key thing is in there, we will need space. So some businesses will say, OK, if I am anyway cutting down and staff and let's say I have a business with maybe a thousand employees and I cut a quarter and because I don't need that quarter anymore, because I have too many people that the demand and say is insane.

Everything is going down. And even the best salesperson can sell if there's no client wanting to buy because they don't need the stuff or there's nobody you can reach. Because if you can talk to anybody, can send any money, an e-mail and sign or either out of business or have put a stop hold on their expenses, you have a big problem.

So you have to really, really cut and see what's essential. So, yeah, that means, of course, and every fourth desk would be empty. But in reality, when you look at how condense offices usually are, we wouldn't need to have every forced desk occupied and all of our three desk non occupied because of the certain space. It might be only a third desk not occupied.

If they only you calculate by space that you maybe have three desks on a certain space and two shouldn't be occupied. Some people you can, of course, have a home office. You can even arrange that. They come maybe, let's say person No. One comes on Monday.



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