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The Growth Zone

Oct 28, 2022

How do you prevent revenue cyber skimming?

If a digital thief is trying to make money by stealing your digital assets or taking part of your revenue away, you need to be aware of the risks that are now endangering the capital reservers of small to large companies.

Hackers attack online shops, order carts, advertising accounts and even bank accounts when companies are doing online banking or transmitting bank transfer order files via VPN.

Most medium sized companies are barely coping with protecting their websites from DDoS attacks and their networks from Ransomware.

Unfortunately, marketing and sales are the key units that keep the company alive as money comes in.

In this episode Christian will discuss topics of cyber skimming, larcening, extortion and other forms of business sabotage that are killing the future of many companies.

We need to face today's reality. Businesses are already seeing their profits eaten up by the rising costs of electricity, gas, heating and other commodities. If these companies get their hard earned revenue or cash stolen from them, it might be the last nail on their coffin.



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