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The Growth Zone

May 1, 2020

In this episode of the Growth Zone Show we will be looking at Effectiveness of Video Advertising:

1) What can go wrong based on an example of a tractor advert

2) How does Volvo get in front of their clients using video ads on social media

3) Understand how you must get your ads to target those who are most likely to buy

Social media is exploding with ads. Many companies have abandoned traditional ads space such as magazines and newspapers. Even television is no longer a good platform to advertise on. People under 50 tend to watch movies on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. Even Facebook has lots of entertaining videoclips. If you enjoy amateur video clips, then you will be chilling off watching Tik Tok.

So how can you use video advertising in an effective way?


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Well, that’s all for today’s episode of ‘The Growth Zone.’ Thanks for listening.

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