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The Growth Zone

Mar 23, 2022

This may sound a little farfetched for you: Diversity helps scale marketing effectiveness

Our society has changed due to migration and cultural mergers. People have adopted different kinds of food, habits and interests. This leads to buyers being open to a very different kind of products.

Hence, your marketing narrative needs to speak to a diverse part of society. Just look at how uncle bens had to rebrand their products. Many of us were not really aware how offensive their product labelling was. Our situational awareness was truly lacking until we were educated about the discrimination that is still happening in the American society.

When you look a product without its product packaging and marketing content, you will realize that all parts of society will be using it.

If we are able to be more socially sensitive, we can redesign out marketing to be appealing to a wider audience. If you simply continue to ignore the changes in society and ESG you will eventually be driving your business of the track into the next ditch. Don’t be silly.

Use this opportunity to scale your market share and reach. You will recognize that the increased margins and profits are worth the extra effort. 

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