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The Growth Zone

Jul 28, 2020

Marketing & Growing Your SaaS Company
1) What is a Video Funnel and how is it different from a traditional marketing funnel?
2) What kind of budget and resources does a marketing team need in order to run an effective video marketing program
3) How does this translate into marketing strategies for SaaS Companies?
4) Where should SaaS Companies be marketing to grow a sustainable B2B client base?
5) We then transition into an open conversation
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Who is Daniel Glickman
Daniel Glickman is an internationally-recognized marketing leader, speaker, podcaster, and author. As CMO of, an
innovative video solution for creators and small businesses, he leads and manages digital marketing, advertising, and PR
His blog, podcast, newsletter, and international Meetups – all under the CMOConfessions moniker – offer a frank,
creative, and humorous take on the underbelly and undercurrents of today’s most pressing, exciting, and confounding
marketing issues.

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