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The Growth Zone

May 25, 2020

How to negotiate with buyers a better selling price

1) Why it is more important to negotiate than to go for the quick close

2) Recognize what makes your product a better fit that is worth paying more

3) Even with fixed prices you are in a negotiation


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May 18, 2020

How can ecommerce help you generate cashflow during the pandemic?

1) Understand how you can turn anything into a source of cashflow?

2) Which platforms help you quickly generate sales when most companies are dormant?

3) How to use ecommerce to build a new dual channel client base for after the pandemic?


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May 11, 2020

Sales people in IT sector will double their income in the UK by 2021

1) Let's identify the areas of growth

2) Recognize what is needed to set the foundation for success

3) What does this mean for people in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, South Africa or Sweden or any other country?


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May 10, 2020

Is it acceptable to hold Sales Teams accountable

We need to get sales way ahead of the competition. That is not an easy task as we need to train and make sure the mindset of our team is highly positive.

  1. Get an understand why you need to hold them accountable for performance
  2. Find out what you can do to turn them into an...

May 8, 2020

Topic: how to generate revenue from saturated clients

We will be looking into ways how you can generate additional revenue from your existing client base even if you think they are already saturated and do not need anything else from you:

  • Getting in contact with clients to find out how happy they are and what is...