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The Growth Zone

Oct 30, 2022

Can we use Neural Networks in Online Marketing? What are these AI driven systems?

Many questions arrise with people as new products are entering the market to help win in new social platforms.

In future episodes, Christian will discuss AI, Neural Networks and XDR with several European and US based professors...

Oct 28, 2022

How do you prevent revenue cyber skimming?

If a digital thief is trying to make money by stealing your digital assets or taking part of your revenue away, you need to be aware of the risks that are now endangering the capital reservers of small to large companies.

Hackers attack online shops, order carts, advertising...

Oct 27, 2022

How do cyber security risks affect any growing business?

Cyber security risks lead to a variety of problems for any growing business. Finding the best reasonable solutions to them, helps founders limit cost without killing cashflow.

In this episode, Christian will highligh the current core risks that need to be...

Oct 10, 2022

Selling products and services in the Internet is becoming even more complex. New social platforms drain old concepts like facebook.

Looking to use AI in your Online Busines Development and Sales? There are many ways that AI can be used to increase sales and profits. The key is knowing what to offer to buyers. Hence, we...