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The Growth Zone

Jul 31, 2020

We will be understanding the ideas, concepts and the vision & mission behind Mark Kumars online platform for podcasters.

Who is Mark Kumar?

Mark Kumar is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, who coaches entrepreneurs to run a profitable online business by sharing their own advice.

If you ever helped anyone with your advice, then...

Jul 30, 2020

Peter will tell us why he believes that now, more than ever, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders need follow the principles of loyalty, authenticity, and honesty if they are going to succeed in a post-pandemic marketplace.

Who is Peter Kozodoy?

Stradeso, Partner/Chief Strategy Officer of GEM Advertising, author,...

Jul 29, 2020

Topic of this episode: Build a System That Grows Your Business

1) With all the noise in the market what do you need to grow your business

2) Does a system on its own drive success or is there more to it?

3) How do i engage my audience while not becoming overwhelmed with traffic?

4) What are your best 7 suggestions on...

Jul 28, 2020

Marketing & Growing Your SaaS Company
1) What is a Video Funnel and how is it different from a traditional marketing funnel?
2) What kind of budget and resources does a marketing team need in order to run an effective video marketing program
3) How does this translate into marketing strategies for...

Jul 27, 2020

Take the time to listen to this Fasttrack episode so to get the most out of your existing customer base: How to use marketing to extend your customer lifetime


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