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The Growth Zone

Jun 30, 2020

Faststrack episode: How Retail needs to regain revenue

#retail #strategy #restructuring #ecommerce #advice #rebuild #diversify

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Jun 23, 2020

Main topic: How Service Based Businesses Can Leverage Podcast Interviews to Find Clients

These questions would be great for today:

1) What should my call to action be on a podcast interview if my goals is to get new clients?

2) How long does it take to see an ROI from podcast guesting?

3) Why is it so important to have...

Jun 20, 2020

Have you done your homework so that you will succeed in pitching your ideas to educated investors?

They are definitely no fools. Be prepared for them. They look at your ideas and what is necessary for it to become a profitable investment. Risk management and mitigation is what keeps investors safe from losing all their...

Jun 19, 2020

When you build a set of content around your business and market you are able to attract search engines. People looking for answers to their needs will eventually find you if you have a sustainable strategy of putting out content that matters to them and is in relation to what you can do for them.


I will share more...

Jun 18, 2020

When you are able to separate pure sales promotions from the PR content that is highlighting why a company is doing well then you are able to stop following the masses. When people invest in stocks just because everybody is doing this, then they will be most likely going to lose money.

The problem with marketing and...