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The Growth Zone

Dec 30, 2020

Listen to this podcast episode 196: Why speeding cameras generate hidden taxes instead of real road safety. In most cases you will notice that these cameras are not set up where they actually protect our kids on their way to school.

Governments like having them where they can tax you very often. Why do you put a mobile speed camara on a holy day? Obviously they know they can collect a lot of camera road tax as you visit your family for xmas. Are you helping your community by shopping for elderly so that they are not at risk of catching the virus in busy stores?

Well, you are being charged parking fines, speeding fines and even MOT date fines. They are not putting your tax money to improve our hospitals and pay nurses a respectable wage.

The politicials buy themselves expensive cars and toys while you work your head off in a stuffy home office for a reduced wage. Isn't that nasty way of inventing new taxes instead of helping people survive during the economic crisis this pandemic has caused?

Just look at how the EU was risking a new economic crisis just by being stubborn with the british. Both sides will see a hype in unemployment figures as a lot of jobs disappear - if this Brexit trade deal goes south.

I will tell you how you can stop this pestering without needing to tell you stupid stories like those conspiracy theorists that want you to buy their stupid aluminium hats. Crazzy lot!

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