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The Growth Zone

Apr 22, 2020

I am going to be talking about

  • Why can videos help you stand out?
  • How to use filters to target the right audience
  • we are going to finish off with some tips for building your marketing strategy.

In a crowded social media world people are becoming less responsive to static images. That is where videos help to catch the reader’s attention. You might feel a little puzzled at thinking why am I doing this podcast if I could just limit myself to doing videos?

The reality is that we need to be present on a variety of platforms and deliver our content in different kind of packages. Therefore, videos and audio-based content are a part of a greater marketing channel strategy.


In videos we can show us on stage talking to a big audience. We can make a big impression. We can show the product and how it is of potential benefit to the viewer. Some platforms even promote video content to their users at a higher level than regular static content.

So, what should a good video ad contain?

When we are trying to advertise to a target audience, we first need to understand who we really want as a customer. Who are the people who eventually buy from us and who will become a long-lasting client with recurring purchases?

For this we create a client avatar.

Let me summarize what we heard today: the 3 key things to focus your marketing is on your marketing strategy, plan and consistent execution. Get one online and offline activity done before you start a new item.

Blend out all the noise on social media and news channels!


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