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The Growth Zone

Jun 6, 2022

You will learn how to increase your hourly rates and then transition to selling packages. Most people end up eating other peoples mud. Why do you let others degrade you? It is due to limiting believes and wrong approach to selling your own services.

Let Christian explain to you your best options to not fall off the road. If you are not sure how to go about building your presence in social media then you must pick a platform to focus on where your clients are.

If you pick LinkedIn then follow a clear set of steps from being unknown to being trustworthy. Christian has laid out the necessary steps in his book "Social Marketing". You can get that in Amazon as eBook, paperback and even as hard cover.

It will show you how to get each step actually accomplished as Christian shows how he uses each tool to build the content and momentum. As with increasing rates and transitioning to packages, you need to follow a strategy that you can become immersed.

The scary part is that you will think, you will end up with less money when you increase your rates by 25%-50%. Christian is explaining in this episode of his podcast how you need to think. He is a business guy who built many companies being bootstrapped and who hybrid VC build startups today using the bootstrap methodology in order to protect investors money.


Don't miss out on how to generate more leads with a simple but focused approach to using social media for B2B businesses: Get the 2022 edition of "Social Marketing - Reaching your audience so they can buy from you with trust" written by Christian Bartsch. It is availabe at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers:

ISBN: 979-8-488609-90-7 Softcover
ISBN: 979-8-797126-01-0 Hardcover
ASIN: B078WX5VKF Kindle edition

or read more about it here: