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The Growth Zone

Oct 27, 2022

How do cyber security risks affect any growing business?

Cyber security risks lead to a variety of problems for any growing business. Finding the best reasonable solutions to them, helps founders limit cost without killing cashflow.

In this episode, Christian will highligh the current core risks that need to be addressed by companies in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. As company leaders, startup founders or corporate decision makers we need to select the best option on how to respond to these threats.

Simply ignoring a threat or making excuses or hiding behind a cyber insurance will only make your business a desirable target for criminals and state saboteurs.

Hacking has become one of the key tools used by some countries that have build hacking armies to steal the ideas of founders, engineers, inventors and successful sales & marketing experts.

This is where Cyber Security experts are needed to protect. The job market is very dry in regards to such technical experts. Therefore, companies need to make use of their existing staff.

This episode will be the start of episodes looking at how business, IT, marketing and sales need to be combined so to grow in a volatile time.



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