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The Growth Zone

May 9, 2020

As a family run business it is not so easy to get the best work force in the market. Large corporations offer better pay, more overseas and long-term complex career opportunities. Pay is not the only factor that makes someone opt for a particular employer. You must be better and more exciting than a slowly turning corporation.

Turn the wheel to your advantage by getting students into your company. Train them to be an ideal fit for your business. Do not train them so that your competitors can steal them away and benefit from letting you do the training work. You will have exited and best trained staff that is a perfect for your needs. The quality and effectiveness of the work will reflect the image of your company brand. Your reputation was built on your values that guide every part of your business.

In this episode you will find out how you can get the best staff to work for you. You will invest time and energy at the beginning. The investment will save you a lot of money in the long run.


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