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The Growth Zone

May 24, 2022

In this episode, Christian will disuss the need to attract talent as a startup. Is using Employeer branding a way to get passionate people via social media like LinkedIn or Reddit or Discord? In contrast to large corporations, startups can not offer excessive salaries, benefits and a long history of business continuity. Depending on the culture of the region where the startup is getting its employees from, you will notice a different rate of recruiting and retention success. Some cultures are very risk averse, so that you have to look for a bit crazy people who do not fit the corporate hiring profile. You will realize that being a bit crazy is actually not that bad.

This is where diversity becomes you competitive advantage in relation to any kind of difference in regards to mainstream life styles. It is not always easy to work with crazy people but maybe you are not aware that you are crazy too. Otherwise why would you want a bunch of crazy people in your startup? The crazy people change the world. The fearful only maintain status quo in fear of change and risk.


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