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The Growth Zone

Oct 14, 2021

Listen to this podcast as Christian Bartsch discusses with Asa Hochhauser: How tech startups rapidly grow their B2B sales? Episode #251

Who is Asa Hochhauser?

Asa Hochhauser is the VP of Sales at

Asa arms sales teams of fast-growing startups to win through sales technology.


You can reach Asa on LinkedIn at:

Oct 11, 2021

Christian discusses with Shawn Thomas (Nashville, Tenesse) on following topic:

Where is the value in mentoring for bootstrapped startups?

The key reasons young entrepreneurs are failing:

1) feasibility study not done

2) market fit not clearly identified

3) lack of sales knowledge

4) no business experience

5) lack of...

Oct 5, 2021

Christian discusses with Simon Severino (based in Vienna) on SaaS Business strategies: How B2B Saas companies double their revenue in 90 days when nobody knows them

Who is Simon Severino?

Simon Severino helps business owners in SaaS and Services (Consultancies, Agencies) discover how to be able to run their company more...