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The Growth Zone

Jun 13, 2021

Listen to this podcast episode 228 where Christian discusses with Oz Konar: How business loan brokers can help startups get the needed seed funding.

Oz Konar is based in Pennsylvania: Oz is an entrepreneur who created the training program, Business Lending Blueprint. He is the author of two books and is...

Apr 27, 2021

In this episode 227 Christian Bartsch is discussing with Chris Mercer (Austin, Texas): How can measurement marketing help SaaS companies grow their subscriber base?

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Are the questions you need answered in future...

Apr 16, 2021

In this podcast Episode 226 Christian Bartsch is discussing with David Ledgerwood: How to scale your B2B niche products when addressing medium to large companies?

You need standardize and not customize every thing in your business. Why? You can not scale your business when you are customizing everything.

Are the...

Apr 10, 2021

In this podcast episode 225, Christian Bartsch is discussing with Mark Colgan (B2B SaaS Growth marketer): How to get your first profitable clients for your brand new SaaS product

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If you have been thinking how to move...

Mar 30, 2021

Episode 224: In this episode Christian Bartsch is discussing with Greg Miaskiewicz (cofounder of in Silicon Valley) following topics:

It is difficult to build a brand via paying ads. The alternative is to build communities. Why is that? Why click fraud is a problem for growth marketers and startups?